Service for investors to Germany (EU), Iran, Russia and the CIS countries / Consulting

Depending on its nature, scope and objectives of a planned capital investment upfront the following
points should be considered and evaluated thoroughly- field / segment which should be invested into:

– name of the business
– information about the company
– selection of legal form the company should be incorporated in
– regulations / guidelines / rules  on a possible public state-owned
shareholding rate in accordance to the countries equity-linked statutes in%
– planned annual production volume in USD
– choice of Managing director
– designation of the project
– clearance of project purpose
– existing / current project status; preparations already made / compelled
– product designation on the delivery expected
– basic sales markets
– total investment volume of the project in USD
– need for investment in USD
– kind of participation of the investor
– offer for investors
– “direction of investment” / types of investment or participation
– implementation period of the project
– Return-on-investment period of the project
– Area  and time of project management
– existence of a business plan / business plan
– Template prepared (contacts):

We regard it as one of the pivotal points of our corporate philosophy and our business activities  as well to accompany you as entering the markets of the former Soviet Union / CIS countries and Iran in a fully professional manner and to support you in expanding your contacts possibly already existing. In this line, we are playing on our many years of excellent contacts. Targeting of our consulting activities goes to serve you an effective support which allows you optimized interaction and performance with your local (future) partners.

Questions regarding project costs related to an in the markets of the former Soviet Union’s planned investment, we will discuss in detail under evaluation and assessment of all relevant aspects and under presentation of extensive and in-depth analysis and evaluation of the initial situation, purposing focused recommendations for the start and continue of a cooperation with us.

Among our extensive range of services we are counting on this hand to score and qualify your suggestions and proposals as early as delivered in advance of any upcoming cooperation to us as well as checking into maybe already existing offers to you of any type, for instance in the form of cooperation requests from companies from the CIS countries and Iran seeking for a partner from your country.