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We are pleased to welcome you to our website and hope that you will find useful and interesting information about our company, products and services. A&L Simonyan German Engineering is a subsidiary of the SIMONYAN corporate group and has been active since 2005. With the help of our extensive multinational network and through our professional experience, we are ready and able to point out and develop adequate solutions to your questions and problems. In addition, we are willing to provide you competent assistance in evaluating your previous and current business activities. We are looking forward to meeting you!


We work with our customers worldwide and promote their international trading activities.

SIMONYAN real estate

We broker real estate in Germany for commercial and residential purposes.

SIMONYAN Translations

It is our goal to offer our customers a perfect service with the highest quality, adherence to deadlines and speed.

SIMONYAN personnel placement

We mediate highly qualified personnel for the Federal Republic of Germany.

SIMONYAN commercial agency

In the countries indicated, we have partners with whom we cooperate.

SIMONYAN consulting

We cooperate with our clients from different economic sectors.


Healthy partnerships are the backbone of every company. We cultivate business with the manufacturer just as we do with our contract customers. This benefits us all: The manufacturer has a committed and competent partner at the customer’s site, who represents his product.The customer has a reliable service provider who can help even when things get tricky and others give up. And we have a double benefit: short distances to the manufacturer and satisfied customers.

Your choice – our work!