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Service for investors in the markets of the Eurasian Economic Union, Iran, Iraq and Germany (EU) / Consulting

Depending on the type, extend and the objective of a planned investment, the following points are to be evaluated and clarified beforehand:

  • Area / segment
  • Business designation
  • Information about the company
  • Legal form
  • Regulations / requirements on a state participation quota and percentage of the company’s statutory equity capital
  • planned annual production volume in USD
  • Managing director
  • Project name
  • exact objective of the project
  • existing / current project status on preliminary work that has already been carried out
  • Product description for expected delivery
  • Basic sales markets
  • Total investment volume of the project in USD
  • Investment needs in USD
  • Type of participation of the investor
  • Offer for the investor
  • Application directions / characteristics of the investment
  • Realisation period of the project
  • Return-of-investment, period of the project
  • Space of the project management
  • Prepared templates (contacts)

We consider it as one of the central philosophies of our entrepreneurial activity to accompany you in an experienced manner when entering the markets of the Eurasian Economic Union and Iran and in the expansion of your potentially already existing contacts, if any, and to support you directly on site with qualified consulting in a targeted and efficient manner in interaction with your (future) partners there, using our excellent contacts of many years’ standing.
We will discuss with you in detail any questions regarding project costs for investments planned in the markets of the former Soviet Union, evaluating and assessing all relevant aspects and, following a comprehensive analysis and evaluation of the given initial situation, we will present you with target-oriented recommendations for the start and continuation of a cooperation with us.
Our comprehensive range of services also includes examining and qualifying your proactively submitted proposals and existing offers of whatever kind, for example in the form of cooperation requests from companies in Germany, the Eurasian Economic Union, Iran and Iraq.